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 Traditional economy

Playful Skyrian Pleats
Challenging Macedonian
Macedonian Patterns
Wrapping Onion Plaits.

Macedonian Reserve over
Skyrian Exuberance

A Burst of Attic Red within
a Clasp of Macedonian Silver.
            Where Ottoman and
          Neoclassical meet.
              Macedonian Treasures Wrapped
in the Warmth of Attica

Poikilos Peplos:
Attic Intricacy

All the bags in the series Traditional economy have been specially created to complement the exhibition
Patterns of Magnificence Tradition and Reinvention in Greek  Women 's Costume,
first held at The Hellenic Centre in London in February 2014.
The inspiration for each bag came from a particular costume..All the costumes  belong to the Peloponnesian
Folklore Foundation in Nafplio.
All textiles are recycled and ecologocal water-based colours have been used.

Designed by Olympia Basklavani
Made and produced in Greece by Mina Cabelli

Polyfelt bags ,in three different designs. They are printed with eco-friendly, water-based  dye.
You can buy them at the brand new The Athens Concert Hall Shop.
Designer, Olympia Basklavani.
Manufacturer Mina Cabelli

shopping  bag Created by Olympia Basklavani 

inspiredby the Benaki Museum 's embroidery collections Printed on canvas using ecofriendly 

water based paints

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